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Fluidra Middle East Equipment for Countercurrent Softening, Degasifiers, Reverse Osmosis in Dubai U.A.E

Fluidra Middle East F.Z.E
Specialized in Solutions for
Water Treatment and Applied Fluid Handling

Equipment for Conventional
Equipment for Countercurrent Softening
Equipment for Carbonate Removal
Equipment for Degasifiers
Equipment for Mixed bed Demineralisation
Equipment for Electrodeionization
Equipment for Nanofiltration
Equipment for Ultrafiltration
Equipment for Microfiltration
Equipment for Reverse Osmosis
Equipment for Sea Water Desalination
Equipment for Iron and Manganese Removal
Equipment for Mono and Multilayer Automatic Filtration

Fluidra Middle East F.Z.E
Tel: +971 4 883 5505
Fax: +971 4 883 6761
P.O. Box: 61020, Dubai, U.A.E

Tags: Building Material: Metal, Alloy, Steel, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Fluidra Middle East FZE

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