HBC-radiomatic FZC UAE linus 4 Vehicle Cranes radio remote control in Dubai UAE KSA GCC

HBC-radiomatic linus 4 Vehicle Cranes remote in Dubai UAE img1.

HBC-radiomatic GmbH Grmany, linus 4, The compact design - now also with joysticks

2 joysticks or 4 linear levers
STOP impact switch
4 positions for different combinations of push buttons, toggle switches or rotary switches (maintained / spring-return)
LED for the indication of operation / battery status
radiomatic® iLOG for the quick activation of a spare transmitter
Rechargeable NiMH exchange battery, with the capability of 16 hours of continuous operating time (standard version)
Robust plastic housing, protection class IP 65
radiomatic® AFS (only for linear lever version)
Intelligent frequency management via 2.4 GHz technology or DECT for versions without radiomatic® AFS

Options: user identification, micro / orthogonal drive, radiomatic® shock-off / zero-g, cable control
Recommended receivers: FSE 510, FSE 511,FSE 524, FSE 727 / 737 radiobus®

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