HBC-radiomatic FZC UAE pilot Vehicle Cranes radio remote control in Dubai UAE KSA GCC

 HBC-radiomatic pilot Vehicle Cranes remote in Dubai UAE img1.

HBC-radiomatic GmbH Germany, radiomatic pilot, Machine control by hand movements

Control of 2 drives by horizontal / vertical inclination of the transmitter
Drive speed controlled by the inclination angle of the transmitter
Release button for activating the inclination function
Vibration of the transmitter indicates the activation of the inclination function and the drive speed
Innovative HBC micro joystick (up to 2 steps or analog)
4 single-step buttons, including 2 buttons for pre-selection (e. g. for micro / orthogonal drive)
radiomatic® iLOG for the quick activation of a spare transmitter.
Intelligent frequency management with 2.4 GHz technology
Micro / orthogonal drive (pre-selection)
STOP impact switch
LED for operation indication and battery status
Rechargeable NiMH exchange battery without memory effect, with the capability of 11 hours continuous operating time (standard version)
Robust plastic housing, protection class IP 65
radiomatic® shock-off / zero-g

Option: user identification
Recommended receivers: FSE 510, FSE 511,FSE 524, FSE 727 radiobus®

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