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Yogurt Powder preparation is used in:
Yogurt drink,
Snack Flavoringa,
And . . ., where a strong, tangy yogurt flavor is required.

The Yogurt Powder preparation gives a richer, fuller mouthfeel to any low fat foods and the foods made with vegetable oils. It has is a soluble micro-encapsulated powder which is mainly made from spray drying enzymatic modified cream fat combined with milk solids and maltodextrin.

Using state of the art equipment, enable Inter Bio Tech, the Swiss Research & Development company, to embed fat molecules and encapsulate volatile dairy notes into our powders. This gives our Yoghurt Powder excellent stability and consistency which is vital to food production.
Is an ideal dairy source for any situation, and most of all, is Cost saving

Ingredient Statement:
Milk solids (New Zealand origin),
Culture, cream, enzyme (Germany origin),
Maltodextrin, emulsifier (sodium caseinate),
Food acid (270)

Product Characteristics:
Low Fat content
Good flow properties
Strong, acidic yogurt powder
Excellent stability
Instant solubility

Net Weight: 25.0 kg, Gross Weight: 25.4 kg, in multi-wall bag

Full Compositional Analysis will be granted on request
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