Oasis Wear Tech Active Protection Against Abrasion and Erosion with Eutectic & Castolin Technology in UAE Dubai Companies

Oasis Wear Tech Galvanizing img1 in UAE Dubai Companies.

Oasis Wear Tech Prefabricated Parts, Weld Cladded Plates, Weld Cladded Pipes, Roller Rebuilding & Table Rebuilding in Dubai U.A.E.

Reduce Maintenance Costs by Extending Service Life Cycles of Protected Surfaces
Increase Plant Availability by Means of Longer Maintenance Intervals for Heavily Loaded Surfaces
Conserve Resources and Protect the Environment with Exchangeable Liners
CDP/CTB Weld Cladded Plates/Pipes and Prefabricated Parts
VRM Roller/Table Rebuilding in Cement Industry
Breakdown and Repair Jobs

Oasis Wear Tech Industires L.L.C
Tel: +971 4 885 1300
Fax: +971 4 885 1302
P.O. Box: 31550, Dubai, U.A.E.

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