Falcon City, a nice quiet 380 hectare residential, tourist, entertainment and recreational complex community, 10 minutes away from Mirdif City Center and Motor City, on Sheikh Zayed Road and west of the Dubai-Al Ain Road with many lovely Villas and Apartment

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Taj Arabia
A multi dimensional development of fully serviced freehold Apartment, mixed use office/residential buildings and Taj Arabia Palace Hotel

Hanging Garden
The Dubai Hanging Gardens overlooking the Falconcity Mall is going to be an eco-friendly complex of luxury Appartments, open air restaurants and coffee shops and ofcourse the Garden

Great Wall
The Great Wall, a definite must see attraction, a high rise jogging track, Higher than a three storey building and 1,700 meters in length, will act like a sound barrier between the theme park and the residential area

The Towers
There should be 24 towers at the feet of the Falcon and comprise apartments, offices and hotels
They will be surrounded by such international cities such as Rome, Venice, Beirut, and India, together with a miniature (1,000,000 sq ft) version of New York City’s Central Park.

There will be over 5,500 apartments and villas located in the Falcon’s wings
The villas come in various sizes and in a choice of four styles, Aegean (Greek), Andalusia (Spanish), New World (North American), and Santa Fe (Mexican)

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Falconcity’s proposed wonders of the world with the Eiffel Tower, a theme park, Pyramids Park, The Tower of Pisa, The Dubai Light House, The Town of Venice, and a shopping mall, although the Wonders are not built Yet

What Falcon City truly is currently, is a quiet villa area with not much around
Although no construction work on any of the Wonders has begun, two residential districts have been built
A multi dimensional development, free hold residential buildings, two, three, four bedroom apartments, mixed use buildings offering commercial offices and residences
593 Villas and Townhouses are completed and people have already moved in

Western and Eastern Villa Residences are located in the wings part of the city, Villas and Townhouses are of different internationally themed villas, including Andalusia, Aegean, Spanish Santa Fe, ranging from 2 to 5 Bedrooms.

Falcon City houses are big and have good layout, residents seem to be happy with the spacious floor plans
Meny will moved to Falcon City because of its location and the relatively good price for a 5 bedroom villa
The prices are relatively low, you may get a 5 bedroom villa for almost the same price as a 3 bedroom townhouse

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Five Bedrooms, 3 Halls, with Bathrooms, Large Kitchen, Dinning Area, Roof Family Area, Maid and Driver Room, Laundry Room, Two Car Garage, Storage Room

Four Bedrooms, 2 Large Halls, with Bathrooms, Large Kitchen, Pantry, Dinning Area, Roof Family Area, Guest Bedroom with Ensuite Bathroom, Maid and Driver Room, Laundry Room, Two Car Garage, Storage Room

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